Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Reconnecting with an Old Friend!

A few days ago one of my old college roommates, Angie, reached out to me and wanted to come to Madison to see me and have lunch.  She lives in Birmingham and we've talked about re-connecting ever since I moved back to Alabama but haven't up until today.  We tried to hook up last year when I was in Mountain Brook for a track meet but weren't able to connect.  

We met at Old Black Bear Brewery in downtown Madison and it was so good to see each other!  We had not seen each other since our graduation 24 years ago!  That's crazy!

We laughed, and talked and caught each other up on our lives as much as one can in a 2 hour lunch when there is 24 years to catch up on.  I hate that it took us this long to reconnect but am so glad that we finally did.  We will definitely plan on meeting up again so she can meet Dave and the kids and continue our friendship.

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