Saturday, April 4, 2015

Is it straight? Is it curly or is it both?!?!

Grace has to wear her hair in a puff bun for her ballet dance in the recital and a puff pony for her jazz dance.  I didn't even know what a puff bun and puff pony were so I asked Shannon, the owner of the dance studio.  She showed me what it was supposed to look like on her daughter, who has very thin, straight hair.  I asked her laughingly, "have you seen Grace's hair?" knowing of course that she has.

So we decided to do a practice run.  We first tried to do a puff without straightening it and needless to say, we saw immediately that that would just not work.  I realized we were going to have to flat iron and straighten her hair before we could even attempt to put it in a puff pony or puff bun.

You would not believe how much hair this girl has!  And it is so thick and curly and impossible to brush and get all the tangles out.  I started underneath and just did little sections at a time and finally after about an hour of flat ironing and my arm killing me, it was all done!  Still have to practice the puff part!  Oh, the things we do for our kids.


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