Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day Fun!

The snow was so pretty to wake up to this morning.  I'm not sure how long it snowed for but there are reports saying that parts of Madison received 8.5 inches.  We measured again today and on our table out back, it has about 7.5 inches.  

The kids had another full day of playing in it before it starts melting.  They had more snowball fights, shot the snowman with Zach's bow and arrow, Grace went on the 4 wheeler with Chris and we went to JC sledding.  There is a pretty big hill by the track and baseball fields so we headed there.  It was fun and a little scary!  The kids loved it until Zach broke his sled when he hit a rock.  Watch the video below and make sure your sound is turned on.  It's hilarious!  Thankfully, he didn't get hurt although his tail bone is a little sore.  Once we came back from sledding they played outside even more!  

I bet they will be exhausted and sleep well tonight!

Grace sledding

Zach sledding - Best video ever!

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