Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Awards Day at Heritage Elementary School

Both Grace & Zach had their Awards Day at Heritage Elementary today.  The Sixth Grade Celebration and Awards Day was first and then I went to Zach's class for his Awards Day.  We are so proud of both Grace & Zach.  They both worked so hard this year and had a great 4th and 6th grade year!  Grace was recognized for being on the A/B Honor Roll and she also received a Certificate of completion for fulfilling all sixth grade academic requirements.  I can't believe she will be in 7th grade and in middle school next year!  Where has the time gone?

Grace with her friends Rachel and Shelby

Love seeing these girls have fun!

Grace and her best friend, Makayla
Shelby, Makayla and Grace
Grace with her homeroom teacher and math teacher, Mrs. Lott

After the sixth grade celebration, I went to Zach's class where they did a reading and awards were presented and then a video of snapshots taken through the year was shown.  Zach received several awards based on his grade point average in his class.  He received the Math Achievement Award, Reading Award, Science Achievement Award, the Accelerated Reader High Point Earner Award and his class voted him the Best Boy Reader.  

Zach receiving the Best Boy Reader award presented to him by his teacher, Mrs. Stewart.  He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Zach and his 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Stewart
Zach with some of his buddies, Evan, Nathan and Santiago
Alex, Nathan, Zach, Santiago, Andy and Evan

Kyle and Zach

After the Awards Day, they had a celebration outside with pizza and games for all of the 4th grade.

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