Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thirty-One National Conference

I was not planning on going to Thirty-One's National Conference in Ohio this year; it just wasn't on the agenda.  Then I found out that I had probably earned my conference registration for free.  So, I thought maybe I would look into it.  Then Laura Shuler and Janet Mercer said I should go and that I could actually ride up to Ohio with them and room with them.  Everything just started falling into place, so I made plans to attend my first National Conference and I'm so glad I did!  

We left North Carolina on July 12 and made the long drive from Jacksonville, NC to Columbus, Oh.  When you are in a car with people for that length of time, you get to really know them if you didn't already.  We shared lots of stories and lots of laughs!

We got to know each other even more rooming together while we were there.  It was so much fun!  There was training, classes, dinners, awards night, home office tours and late night chats!  One of the highlights of the trip was getting to see my good friend, Dawn Hotchkiss.  Dawn and I knew each other when we both lived in Jacksonville back in the late 90's and our husbands were stationed there.  Shortly after I became a consultant with Thirty-One, Dawn emailed me wanting to know more and she signed up not long after I did.  We started this journey together and it rekindled an old friendship.  I'm so thankful that Thirty-One has brought us together again!

One of my favorite things was being able to take a tour of our home office!

One lucky person from each tour group got to do a timed shopping spree race and keep as much as they could get in their shopping cart.  Unfortunately, I was not the lucky person but I did have fun watching!

These are paintings in Cindy Monroe's office

This is the display when you walk through the front doors of the home office.  Beautiful!

Laura and me
Here I am with my Director, Jennifer Caraccio, and her team.  It was so nice to finally meet her and put a face with the name.
Jill and Dawn
Our SED, Amanda Graves

Me with Jennifer Caraccio

For some reason, it's tiny but this is me and Cindy!  I was so excited to be able to meet and chat with her.  I didn't have an invite to have my picture made with her but I saw her and there was no one around waiting to see her so I just asked the home office staff if there was any way I could.  I had to wait a few minutes but then I was able to.  She was so kind and sweet.  We chatted for several minutes about the fact that my husband was in the military and how they are working towards being able to provide products for our overseas military and eventually allow them to be hostesses and consultants.  She thanked me for my husband's service.  It was so exciting to be able to stand there and talk to her and then of course, get my picture made with her!

Cindy and Scott Monroe

Janet Mercer, home office staff, Laura Shuler and myself

All dressed up for Awards Night!

Jennifer and me at Awards Night
Anne Marie Maino and me

Me with Casey Coley.  Casey is Jennifer's recruiter and she is the most beautiful sweet southern girl!
SED Jennifer Pasalakis and myself.  Jennifer facilitated one of my classes and was amazing!  I was able to meet her and we found out that we have a mutual friend, Rob Ivy.  Jennifer's story is what made me realize what an amazing opportunity Thirty-One is.  I told her that next year I would be coming back as a Director and walking across that stage for my promotion. 
My roomies!

All the awesome amenities that we received at conference!
Our beautiful drive back home

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