Sunday, June 12, 2011

Zach's 7th Birthday

We celebrated Zach's 7th birthday today.  We gave hime the choice of having a birthday party with a bunch of friends or just doing something with the family and using the money that we would have spent on a party on more presents.  He chose the latter so we started the morning with him opening all his presents.  He loved everything!  He got lots of money from his grandparents and Aunt Kerry and Dave and I gave him a HUGE Halo Lego set, a Harry Potter wand and a REAL Star Wars Light Saber (as real as you can get).  

He then got to choose what we did as a family.  We gave him the choice of going to a movie, bowling, Chuck E. Cheese or Jump In Jax and he chose Jump in Jax.  He and Grace had so much fun running around crazy and jumping in all the Jump Houses.  

He chose Sake Asian Fusion and sushi for his birthday dinner and....

dessert from Chili's for his birthday desert.
Happy birthday Zachary!  We hope you had a fantastic birthday and can't believe you are getting so big.  You bring so much joy to our lives and we are so proud of you!  We love you!

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