Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dolphin Team ~ Celebration of Learning

Zach's class and the rest of the Dolphin Team have been working for weeks on their Celebration Of Learning performance and today was the big day!  Dave and I went to the dress rehearsal yesterday because he was not able to go today.  I cried like a baby yesterday and today was not any better.  I don't know if it was because he has had such a rough year this last semester in this class and then to see them all come together like they did today or if it is because he is just growing up and not my baby anymore or maybe I'm just really hormonal.  Who knows?!?!  But I was not the only one crying so it wasn't JUST me.  The good news is that I was able to hold it together for most of the performance until the very end when they sang "Thank You, Soldiers".  It is a beautiful song, but when it is sung by a group of children and pictures of the kids with their parent who is in the military are flashing across a big screen behind them and a little girl on the front row is bawling as she is singing every word....well, it will just break your heart.  I couldn't contain the tears any longer.  

Thank You, Soldiers

When I lay my head down every night, 
And go to sleep in peace,
I can stay there knowing all is well
While you're standing on your feet.
Keeping watch, protecting shore to shore
In the air and oceans, too.
Defending freedom at all cost, 
For the red, white and the blue.

Thank you, oh thank you,
Men and women, brave and strong.
To those who served so gallantly
We sing this grateful song.
To the soldiers who have traveled on
To countries far and near
In peace and war you paid the price
For the cause you hold so dear.
That we may wake each morning bright
And know that freedom rings
Because of your great sacrifice
Your country joins to sing...

Zachary with his teacher, Mrs. Thompson

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Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Zack looks so much like his dad. Loved the red, white and blue of the production. Great photos and good message.