Monday, May 16, 2011

Zach's Field Trip to Onslow Beach

Zach's class and the rest of the Dolphin Team went on a field trip today to Onslow Beach.  We divided up into groups and did a scavenger hunt and of course we kept our eyes out for cool shells or sharks teeth.  I actually found several small shark teeth for Zach so in his opinion, the day was a complete success and that's all that matters!  They also built sand castles.  None of the other little boys were really interested in building sand castles, they just wanted to dig so Zach found a group of girls who were working on one and he joined in with them and he and I ended up finishing it.

Zach with his partner and buddy, Gavin

Zach and Elaina working together on their sand castle
The finished product!

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