Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Day in a Nutshell

This will be a short post as I have a busy day with lots going on.  Just to give you a quick update on how I'm doing with C25k, I've been sticking with it and today completed Week 2 Day 1 and I feel so good about it!

This weekend I am going in with several other (15 to be exact) consultants from home based businesses for  the 2nd Semi-Annual Camp Lejeune Vendor Blender.  If you are in this area, please join us anytime between 12 - 5 pm on Saturday,  April 16th, at the Russell Marine & Family Service Center on Camp Lejeune.  Each vendor is offering special discounts and savings at this event.  I've got several great deals I'm offering with Thirty-One Gifts and I would like to pass those savings on to anyone who is local but can't attend the event or if you are out of town.  So just leave me a comment and I'll get back with you and let you know what kind of discounts I'm offering.  Speaking of the Vendor Blender, that's another reason why today is busy,  I'm prepping for it trying to get all my stuff ready and will be passing out fliers all over base housing.

The kids have dentist appointments this afternoon - no big deal for Zachary.  He's just getting sealants but Grace, bless her heart, is having an extra tooth extracted.  Hopefully it won't hurt her too bad.  I've got to think of something easy for her to eat to prep for dinner tonight because I'm sure her mouth will be sore.

I've also got an exciting day planned for tomorrow.  I don't know if you have heard or not but the First Lady (FLOTUS) and Dr. Biden will be coming to Camp Lejeune tomorrow where they will launch "Joining Forces", a national initiative to support and honor America's service members and their families.  And I'm going!  In my opinion, regardless of your party affiliation, it is an honor to see and hear the First Lady speak and I'm honored to be able to attend.  And yes, I will be blogging and posting my pictures from this.

And last but not least, stay tuned because in the next few days I will posting about a give away from a FABULOUS company (and no, it's not Thirty-One even though they are fabulous).  I'm so excited to be doing this give away because I LOVE the company that is allowing me to do this and very excited to be sharing it with one of you!

Oh!  Don't forget...today is the last day to enter the $25 gift certificate give away to Thirty-One Gifts at Goodnight Moon.  Go enter!  You just might win!


That One Girl said...

Next year... I'm gonna be at that Vendor Blender!! Can't wait to open the doors for our company!! Very very soon!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering this morning how you were doing with C25K. :-) Glad to hear that you are on week 2.

Good luck to your little girl, I just had teeth pulled. It was not pleasant.