Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hold Me Accountable

This was my latest status post on facebook, "Jill Williams just completed Week 1 - Day 2 of C25k once again.....".  Why did I end it with 'once again'?  Well, if you've known me for awhile now, you know that back in April 2009, I started an exercise program called C25k.  You might have actually even read about the post I did about it here titled "I'm Gonna Do It!".  Well, I did it, for awhile that is.  Actually, I was doing really well and being very faithful about doing it.  And I could tell a difference!  I started losing weight and I had more energy.  I was feeling good about myself.  Then, the craziest thing happened.  It was in May 2009 and I was on Week 4 of C25k and I fractured my ankle.  I didn't even realize that I had done it.  My ankle just started hurting when I was on the cool down of the workout one day.  You can read about that here.  Needless to say, I had to stop C25k for the time being.  Ever since then, I will start it and get 2 or 3 or even 4 weeks into it and then stop for various and sundry reasons and excuses!  I've gained back the weight that I had once lost and have just gotten out of shape once again.

Do you know what the number one leading cause of death in women is?  Heart Disease.  I'm now 40 and I don't want to be another statistic.  I want to live a long and healthy life and grow old with Dave and see my children grow up, get married and have children.  So, I am going to do something about it.  I'm putting it in writing and telling the whole world (or anyone who reads my blog), that as of today, I have started C25k again.  And this time, I will complete it.  In 9 weeks I will be able to run a 5k.

But I need your help.  Dave is very supportive and always encouraging me to get out and exercise but I need to hear it from more than just him.  I'm asking you to help me.  Whether you know me or not, I would like for you to encourage me and hold me accountable by asking me on a regular basis, "Have you done your C25k today?" or "Did you walk/run today?" or something like that.  You can comment on my blog, email me, ask me on facebook, text me or ask me at the bus stop of a morning.  Anything.  I don't care.  Just ask me.  Hold me accountable so that I will continue what I've started.  I'm counting on you.



That One Girl said...

I'm doing C25K too!!! I'm on week 4, which was supposed to start Monday... but I didn't get to do it on Monday, and then Tuesday the weather was nasty, and then last night I was having some SEVERE back pain and I didn't get to bed until after midnight. :-( I have a drs appt at 6:30 today. :-/ Hopefully I can get back to it ASAP!

Manda said...

HA! I'm right there with you, I've started three different times. I just lack the motivation to stick with it.

I will definitely help keep you accountable. :-)

Frazzled Mama said...

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amber01sw said...

I found you on the Wednesday Social Buzz, I am your newest GFC follower. If you could check out my blog and follow me back I would appreciate it. Thanks Amber

Giaellis2 said...

You can do it Jilly Bean! When I used to work out with my SIL....Eeyore, she would say "Let's go fatass" to get me motivated and it always worked! So, each morning I will text you "Let's go fatass!" and see if that helps! LOL Love you!

Becca @Becca's Perspective said...

Returning the Blog Love. I’m following you back now!

I love the pics on the top of your blog. Your kids are like mini-me's of you and your husband. So adorable!

Becca's Perspective