Saturday, April 9, 2011

H&HS Spring Festival

Today we spent the day at the MCAS New River Marina for the H&HS Spring Festival.  Yesterday the weather was gorgeous and so warm and today was cloudy and so cool!  But that didn't put a damper on anyone's spirits or stop the kids from hunting Easter eggs.  Lisa, our FRO, and the marines did a great job organizing and setting everything up.  There was a schedule of events and first things first - the Easter egg hunts!  The kids were divided into age groups and there were different egg hunts for the different age groups.  Zachary went first and found his allotted amount of eggs super fast!  He was a pro at this!  Then it was time for the older kids and we hid their eggs a little harder to make it more difficult for them.  Get on your mark, get set, Go!  And off they went running and scurrying around that playground as fast as they could go looking for those pretty colored eggs.  I was impressed with Grace's egg hunting skills as well and she ended up with about 18 eggs in her basket which wasn't too shabby I thought.

After the egg hunt, the kids had a great time playing on the play ground and then watching some marines beat up on some adorable Spring pinatas!  All the while we were waiting for Dave to join us.  He is taking some master's classes and had a final exam this morning.  He got there just in time to eat!

The marines worked hard for the families grilling out hot dogs and flipping burgers as fast as they could to feed all the hungry folks.  Thank you H&HS Marines!  You were all awesome! 

After lunch the kids played some more on the playground, jumped in the jumpy houses, Dave climbed the rock wall and then was the best part of the entire day!  The Blue Ridge Chapter of the ACBS (The Antique and Classic Boat Society Inc.)  just happened to be having an Antique Boat Show at the marina this weekend and they very kindly offered to give the H&HS families free boat rides around the New River.  We donned our life jackets, signed our waivers and climbed aboard the most beautiful antique boat that I had ever seen, not that I have seen very many!  It was a 1948 Shepard 22' long, built up in Canada. It has it's original engine, a Chrysler Crown 6 cyl. 135 hp which was rebuilt last winter. The boat has the original wood bottom deck and sides except for a few boards on the rear deck.  It's name is  Chat Noir which is French for Black Cat.  Al Olsen, who is the President of the ACBS Blue Ridge Chapter, is the owner of the Chat Noir and he gave us a treat today!  He told us all about his boat as he was driving around and he let the kids each take turns driving the boat.  They were a little nervous at first but then loved it as you can see from their smiles in these pictures.  After our boat ride we walked around and looked at all the other beautiful boats on display and there were some gorgeous ones!  

Thank you Mr. Olsen and the rest of the Blue Ridge Chapter for supporting our military by coming to MCAS New River and putting on the boat show and treating families to free boat rides.  I know we had a great time and I am sure that everyone there did.  Our kids want to know now if we can buy a boat like the one we rode in that day.  Wouldn't that be nice?

 The following pictures are just some of my favorites of the boats that we saw on display.



~Erin said...

First of all..I have seen Grace in action hunting eggs, She DOES not mess around! LOL!!

Second...LOVE the boats! They are breathtaking!!! What a wonderful treat for you all...

Al said...

Jill: Thank you for your kind words, seeing Zach's and Gracy's smiles tell the whole story of why I and all of us in the chapter enjoy this hobby. It almost brings tears to my eyes to see kids being themselves and learning new things all the time and having good clean fun. You are certainly blessed with a loving husband and two adorable children. You are are a wonderful family and I'm thankfull to been able to meet you guys.
Sincerely Al Olsen