Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend - Busch Gardens

We've been talking for weeks about what we were going to do, if anything, over Easter weekend.  We toyed with the idea of going down to Hilton Head to stay at the Disney resort there but when we finally decided to do it, they were all booked.  We talked about Myrtle Beach, Asheville, the Outer Banks, you name it.   We ended up driving up to Williamsburg, VA and going to Busch Gardens today.  When we lived in Hampton we went to Busch Gardens all of the time.  I knew Zachary wouldn't remember it but I thought that Grace would.  I was completely surprised when she didn't remember a thing.  Nothing at all about it looked familiar to her.  That just blew my mind!  

We had a fun day though and the weather was perfect.  We thought it was going to be much warmer than it was and thankfully I brought hoodies for the kids because it was a little chilly!

Busch Gardens was beautiful as always and very little had changed since we had been there last.  The kids loved seeing the sheep, horses and other animals.  We watched the wolf show in Wolf Valley and More...Pet Shenanigans which they loved!  They got their picture made with a beautiful Clydesdale horse, a barn owl and the biggest bunny rabbit I've ever seen!  

The first ride we rode was the Loch Ness  Monster roller coaster.   They said Zach wasn't tall enough although we thought he was so we had to split up.  Dave and Grace rode it first while I waited with Zach and then Grace rode again with me even though she didn't want to.  She was scared to death.  We rode a few more rides although the rides are definitely not my favorite part of the park anymore now that I've gotten old.  They just do something to me that they didn't use to do.  

As the day was winding down, we stopped and let Grace get a caricature drawing done.  She had talked about it all day and that was what she wanted as her souvenir.  Zachary wanted nothing to do with it and wanted a stuffed owl instead. 

We didn't stay too late at Busch Gardens as we were driving to Quantico tonight so we can go to the Marine Corps Museum tomorrow!


Rob said...

Wow. That is a fun trip. I don't know if I knew you were in the 757. Did you make it to Waters Edge?

Stacy said...

Loved the look on Gracie's face on the roller coaster with Dave, lol! Priceless!