Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morning!

It seems the last couple of years we have gone somewhere over Easter weekend and the kids end up getting their Easter baskets and doing an egg hunt in a hotel room.  This morning was no different.  After we got showered and ready we gave the kids their Easter baskets filled with candy, new swimsuits, Pokemon cards, movies, a Nomades necklace for Grace and a Star Wars Transformer for Zach.  After they checked out everything in their baskets, I made them sit right outside our door while I hid eggs.  It's amazing all the great places there are to hide eggs in a hotel room!  It took them forever to find them all and we had to end up helping them a little bit.  Dave usually thinks it is silly when I'm packing up all this stuff to bring with me.  But when he saw the joy on their faces and how much fun they were having hunting for eggs, he leaned over and told me, "You are such a good mom.  You make everything so special for them." I knew then that it was worth all the trouble!

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Stacy said...

Total Cuteness!