Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You've Been Flocked!

Every year around this time, if you live on Camp Lejeune, you will notice houses that have a flock of pink flamingos in their yards.  And no, they aren't real flamingos.  They are the pink plastic kind on metal sticks.  And everyone knows what they mean....."You've been flocked!"  

The OWC holds a fundraiser every year for Relay for Life, which is the signature fundraising activity for The American Cancer Society. They have teams that go out at night and "flock" people.  They leave you with the cute little flamingos and a note letting you know what it's all about.  To get the flamingos removed from your yard, all you have to do is make a donation to Relay for Live and then they will come and remove the flamingos and go "flock" someone else.

Well, we have lived here on Camp Lejeune since the summer of 2007 and every year we see all the flocking going on.  And if you can believe it, this is the very first time that we have ever been flocked!  The kids were so excited when they saw those pink flamingos!  You would have thought there was snow on the ground!

So, of course we had to go out first think this morning and snap some pictures and check out all the flamingos and then the kids went back out to see them when they got home from school.  

Now the neat thing is that when you make your donation, you can recommend who they should go flock next or just have it randomly done.  Of course, I wanted to chose and I sent them to my good friend, Stacy's house, and you can read all about her getting flocked here.  

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