Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Zoe

Meet our new pet, Zoe.  The kids have been begging us for years to get another pet.  They've asked for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, you name it.  Dave and I both agreed that we didn't want another dog.  They were alot of responsibility and work and neither of us wanted that again.  And we knew that Grace and Zachary were not old enough or responsible enough to take care of it.  We considered a guinea pig but I had so many people talk me out of it.  I never thought we could get a cat because all my life I have thought I was allergic to cats and I have been around some that killed my allergies.  

One night a friend of mine posted on facebook, "We are looking for a VERY good home for our cat, Zoe. She is just not receiving the attention that she so very much wants. She is very much a "people" cat. Please message me if you know of anybody who would be interested. It makes me very sad to part with her, but I know there are people out there who would give her so much love."

I don't know what came over me next but I asked her how old she was.  I told her about the kids begging us for a pet, me thinking I was allergic, then having a doctor here tell me I'm not allergic to anything (which is know is not true).  I suggested that maybe she hang out with us for a day or two so I could see.

I mentioned it to Dave and he was shocked that I was even considering it.  He suggested that the kids and I go over to Kristy's house to meet her and to see how to clean out the litter box and all of that good stuff because that would be their responsibility should we get a cat.  

So, a few days later, we went and met her and visited with her a bit.  Then a few days after that, we went back for Grace to clean out the litter box and learn how to care for a cat.  Kristy was going out of town and suggested that we take her and cat sit and it would just be on a trial basis. So, we brought her home on Thursday, March 10th on a trial basis.  It's now two weeks later and Zoe is still here.  

She was very nervous at first and hid for the first 2 days.  She even hissed and nipped at me once but I was rubbing her belly which I have since learned that cats do not like to have their bellies rubbed.  But after a couple of days of being nervous and hiding, she came out and started to explore things and us and now she seems right at home.  She loves Dave and Grace and even me too a little.  I think she is unsure of Zachary the most but he is being very gentle with her and working to earn her trust and love.  

I love these first couple of pictures of Zachary with her.  He had just gotten out of the bathtub and she followed him to his room where he got a book and sat down and read her a story. She just laid there beside him while he read.

And this is a great one of Grace and Zoe!  She looks huge in this picture and is really not this big but she is a beautiful girl!  If it's okay with Kristy, it looks as if we may be welcoming Zoe to our family.

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canscrap4u2 said...

She is a really pretty cat. Cats are differnet...after having a dog for 17 years, and swearing that I too was allergic to cats and hated them, I took maddie in as a stray. She loves me best. I know she does. Just remember with cats, it has to be all their idea. They'll lay where they want to lay, never where you put them, they want petted where they are rubbing, never the right place if you just walk up and start petting...takes a while to warm up, we've had Maddie two years, and at night, when everyones in bed and i'm in my chair reading, she's just now in the past 3 months, coming in and curling up beside me in the chair or on my lap, giving a little purr as she jumps up. I just ignore her and let her lay down and when she starts purring, i start petting. I make her think she initiates everything. i love her. I hope you come to love zoe just the same. they are so independent.