Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Their Boots

I participated in the 2nd Annual In Their Boots day today at MCAS New River.  I'll be honest.  I didn't want to do it.  I did it last year and I've been sick and have felt terrible for about the past week or two and just did not want to do it.  But I had already signed up for it so I got up EARLY this morning and got ready and then got the kids up and ready because they were going to participate in the children's version of it.  

We headed to the air station where we got signed in and with our groups.  I didn't see the kids for the rest of the day except for one time.  I saw Grace from my bus window when she was at the Static Display.  Anyway, we started the morning off with a few words from Col. Hewlett, the base CO and then learned how to march and stand in formation.  That is so much harder than it looks!
The girls from H&HS
After formation we headed to our first stop, the flight simulators.  I flew the Cobra and the 53 and didn't do too bad on either one, if I say so myself.
We got to shoot all sorts of weapons...
and fight each other for fun of course!
And a little tug o' war is always good for the soul.  And yes, the H&HS girls won 2 out of 3.  We would have won the first one had Kathy and I been on that rope!
Next was the static display which I've seen a million times but it never gets old.  We got all excited when we got there and saw this shiny 53.  We knew this was a HMX bird and thought it might be all decked out on the inside.  Evidently HMX is getting rid of all their 53's and this now belongs to 302, the training squadron here at New River.  It had already been gutted on the inside and they just had not gotten around to giving it a paint job yet.  Bummer.

 You have no idea the pressure and force that this hose puts out.  Wow!
Sitting in the C12 that Dave flies
Kathy Wise and me

So, even though I didn't want to go it ended up being a fun day once again.  

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Stacy said...

Check you out being all bad ass! Love it!!! The one with the fire hose cracks me up! Like I said, I wish the hospital would do something like this with Jon but I can only imagine the amount of lawsuits that would cause!