Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gourmet Club's Big Fat Greek Wedding

Today was our last regular monthly luncheon of this year's Gourmet Club and the theme was My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I was a cook again this month but was in charge of something that was way easier than last month, Rosemary White Bean Soup.  Unfortunately, it was just so-so in my opinion but everything else was delicious!  

Our menu: 
Keftethakia (Greek Meatballs) 
Tzatziki Sauce 
Dolmathes (Stuffed Grape Leaves)
Hummus with Sundried Tomatoes
Greek Village Salad
Rosemary White Bean Soup
Kotopita with Avgolemeno Sauce (Phyllo-wrapped Chicken with Egg-Lemon Sauce) served with Broccolini
Walnut Cake - Karidopita Recipe
Grecian Holiday

Our host, Connie, was able to give us lots of insight at our planning meeting as she is Greek American and several of the recipes were her family's recipes.  She decorated her home beautifully and went with more of a rustic Greek theme with a simple centerpiece of lemons.  She actually made the Baklava that was served and was also our take-away and it was probably the best Baklava I've ever tasted!  Yummy!

Connie, our host, and Megan and Stacy

Cooks and host - Stacy, me, Laurie, Megan, Charity and Connie
Appetizer table

In a way, I'm sad that Gourmet Club is winding down.  We have one more get-together where we all meet at one house and everyone brings a dish, and after that I may be hanging up my Gourmet Club hat. It's fun but it's also hard-work.  I'm thinking of maybe just being a sub next year so I don't have the commitment of having to host or cook.  I will still be able to enjoy the good food every now and then but with allot less stress.  We'll see........

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