Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Zachary has been learning about simple machines in class and he had a project where he had to make a catapult.  Each child was to make a catapult and then they were going to have a big launching of the catapults to see how they all work.  So, we did a little research on how to make a catapult and Dave found a video that showed exactly how to make one.  You were supposed to make it with household items and we probably had most of these things if I had taken the time to dig around for them but it was easier for me to go and buy them. So, I purchased the supplies (rubber bands, craft sticks or Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, clothes pins, butterfly clips and tape) and last night they sat down to make their catapult. 

First Zachary watched the video so he could get an idea of what he had to do.  Then he and Grace laid out all of their supplies and then they all worked together and step by step built a catapult.

Trying it out for the first time with a rubber ball.
And it launches!
Today, Zachary very carefully took his catapult to school and Dave and I went at the appropriate time to watch the launching.  Four classes participated so they would pull a couple of kids from each class.  They were given 2 or 3 ping pong balls and Mrs. Hunnicutt would walk by pulling a wagon and they would try and launch their ping pong ball in the wagon.  Zach's did great!  He actually hit Mrs. Hunnicutt one time and the other time his ball hit the side of the wagon.  He was so serious about it all!
Waiting his turn...
Just testing it out..
Watching Mrs. Hunnicutt and trying to time it just right.

And we have air!
Way to go Zachary!  Job well done!

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