Saturday, March 12, 2011

Basket Bingo

Tonight was the annual OWC Basket Bingo.  I know.  You are probably thinking of little old ladies playing bingo right?  Well not at the OWC Basket Bingo.  This is a fundraiser held by the OWC to raise money for the Charitable Distribution Fund.  The way they do it is by auctioning off different themed baskets and special events throughout the night.  Most of the items are done by silent auction but a few are done by live auction.

The OWC Book Club which I'm in charge of donated a "My Escape" basket.  I donated the "basket" from thirty-one gifts and all of the book club members graciously stepped up and donated all of the books that we have read so far this year, wine, coffee, bubble bath, to-go mugs and more!  It looked fabulous!  Well, here it is.  You can see for yourself.  This was when I was collecting everything and putting it together.

Stacy doesn't live too far from Marston Pavilion where Basket Bingo was being held so she had us all to meet at her house before heading over.  When I got there, the fingernail polish was out and drinks were being made.  I rarely ever paint my fingernails but Stacy had this great gunmetal silver color so I gave it a whirl and had Erin paint my nails.

And of course, we had to get together for some group shots before heading out.
So, after posing for a few shots, we headed over to Marston Pavilion where we got signed in and headed for the tables.  We found a pretty decent table that wasn't too far in the back and had a view of the bingo board so we claimed it and headed to the buffet!
Evidently I had to get everything just so-so!

Erin and me

The food is always good!  They just don't give us big enough plates!
Karen, Stacy and Jennie

So, the time had come to get our game on.  We had checked out all the silent auction baskets and the live  auctions as well, made two rounds at the buffet and now it was time to play some BINGO!  As luck would have it, Erin ended up making a Bingo on the first game.  Unfortunately, so did seven other people.  At that point, they made each person who Bingo'd pick a card and the two highest won.   Needless to say, Erin didn't chose a high card.

We continued playing Bingo with them stopping after every 3 games or so to do the silent and live auctions.  Since none of us were really bidding on any of the big ticket items and we had already placed our bids on the silent auctions, we used this down time to chat and goof off and walk around and talk it up with everybody else who was there having a grand time.  We continued playing our Bingo games to no avail.  Several of us came close but none of us bingo'd another time.  So disappointing.  But on a higher note, two of the auction items that I was involved in did great!  My book club basket was initially supposed to be a silent auction but they decided to make it a live auction at the last minute and it brought just under $300!  And I know you have heard me talk about Gourmet Club.  Well, Gourmet Club decided this year to auction off a dinner prepared by Gourmet Club members, to be held at the home of General Jensen.  The premise would be that whoever won, could bring 12 people and spend an evening dining on exquisite cuisine while rubbing elbows with the General and his wife.  This was a HUGE hit and ended up being a bidding war between two tables with the wining bid ending at $1,550.00!  It was so exciting!

So, even though I didn't win a Bingo game or a silent auction, I still had a great time with great friends all for a great cause!

My Book Club Basket - I thought it looked awesome!

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