Monday, February 14, 2011

Zachary's Valentine's Day Party

Zachary celebrated Valentine's Day with his class today.  They exchanged Valentines and had lots of goodies, like pink cupcakes, fruit, donut holes, cookies and juice boxes.  I loved watching him pass out his valentines and I heard two little girls say, "Oh, I like Zachary's valentine.  That's cool with his picture on it."  I found a Valentine template from Shabby blogs that we downloaded and added a picture to and printed out.  I did this for both Grace and Zach and then they wrote their classmates name on each one and sealed with a sticker.  They did turn out really cute.

Zachary and his friend Wathen.  They've been together for 3 years now in the same class.

Zachary with his literacy teacher, Mrs. Rudolph.  Mrs. Rudolph is leaving us on March 1st and we will be so sad to see her go!

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