Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Dinner

Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday like it is for many women.  Growing up I always thought it was kind of awkward.  If you had a boyfriend, great, you probably got some flowers or a silly stuffed animal and you never knew what you were supposed to get him in return.  If you didn't have a boyfriend, everybody knew it because you were one of the girls that didn't get sent flowers to school.  And then even when I met and started dating Dave, it still wasn't one of my favorites.  He would usually get me flowers and we would go out for a nice dinner somewhere at an overcrowded overpriced restaurant but it just seemed forced.  Why were we expected to do these certain things on this one particular day?  I soon found out that Dave hates Valentine's Day.  He thinks it was a day created by Hallmark to suck us in and spend money on their expensive cards.  So, once we had kids we turned the focus to them usually with a heart shaped box of candy and one other little 'happy'.  This year was no different.  We gave them their goodies at dinner time and as you can see, they were both very pleased.

Dinner this year was a little more time consuming than what I normally do.  You see, I am in the OWC Gourmet Club.  I was in it last year and I chose to host.  You can either host once or cook twice.  I chose to host last year and it turned out beautifully.  You can read all about it here.  This year for some unknown, moronic, lame reason, I chose to cook which means I am cooking twice.  I was supposed to have cooked in January but when our dates for Disney got changed, I was not able to and got switched to the month of February.  This month our theme is the movie Chocolat since it's the month of Valentine's Day.  Everything that we are having has some sort of chocolate in it.  The dishes that I am responsible for making are a Mole Dipping Sauce for chicken and a Wild Arugula Salad with Chocolate Stout Dressing.  I definitely have a greater appreciation now for all the chefs at restaurants where I've had mole sauce.  It's not hard to make but it's time consuming having to rehydrate the chili peppers, stem and seed them, pat them dry, chop, pulse and I can go on and on.  Anyway, I figured that I should do a trial run before Gourmet Club so for tonight's dinner we had grilled chicken breast with mole sauce, wild arugula salad with chocolate stout dressing and roasted potatoes.  Dave and I loved the mole sauce but it was too spicy for the kids.  They tried it but thought it had too much of a kick!  I thought everything turned out lovely though, don't you?  Now, if I can just get through and survive Gourmet Club on Thursday.

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Stacy said...

Awww! Look at you posting pictures of the food you made! A girl after my own heart! lol

It turned out GREAT!!!!

Btw, that's how I feel about v-day as well. I usually just do something for the kids. Jon and I do so much for each other as it is, we don't need a special forced day to realize how much we mean to each other.