Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day 21 Gun Salute

We took the kids to W.P.T. Hill Field today for a 21 Gun Salute in honor of President's Day.  The Marines with Battery S, 5th Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, utilized the 105 mm howitzers in the 21 Gun Salute.  The M-101A1, 105 mm howitzer, formerly known as the M-2A1, was developed in 1941 and used as the standard light artillery field weapon during World War II by American forces in both European and Pacific fronts.  Its efficiency on the battlefield ensured its use later in the Korean and Vietnam Wars as well, but it is now retired by the U.S. military. Today, it serves as an educational and ceremonial tool for various occasions.

We've decided that as Dave's retirement from the military looms closer, we need to take advantage of things like this and share them with Grace and Zachary.  Watching these marines, hearing the booms of the cannons and the flapping of the American Flag behind us, made me proud to be an American and proud to be married to a marine.   

To see and hear what we did, scroll down to the bottom of my page and pause the music player and then watch this video.  Enjoy!

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