Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Listen to the Music

A couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday afternoon, the kids had just gotten home from school and were eating snacks when we heard music.  We looked at each other with quizzical expressions trying to figure out where the music was coming from.  Then we realized it was coming from outside and it seemed to be getting louder.  We hurried to the front door and what did we see?  We saw the USMC Marching Band marching and playing down Seth Williams Blvd.  Kids were following along and marching beside them.  What a sight to see!  And they sounded awesome!  

Evidently, this is the time of year that they practice and they practice down here in our part of base housing.  And it seems that they do it about the same time every Wednesday.  We've been able to see them a few times now and love it every time!

It's definitely little things like this that I will miss when Dave retires from the Marine Corps and we move.  We've got to enjoy them while we can!

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