Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Chicks!

Each year many of the classes at JPS get  chick eggs and they learn all about the eggs and the life cycle and they watch them hatch and take care of the chicks for a little while before sending them to a farm.  This was Zachary's first time to be in a class that had chick eggs and he was so excited!  But then something happened.  The day came that they eggs were supposed to hatch and....nothing.  The next day came and still....nothing.  We thought "oh no!".  A few of the teachers had received new incubators and there was one night that the power went out at school so we aren't sure if those things were the cause of the eggs not hatching or not.  The strange thing was that the power didn't affect other eggs from hatching  except there were 3 classes, all on the Dolphin team, whose eggs did not hatch.  Mrs. Thompson and all the kids were so disappointed.  But on the afternoon after the eggs were supposed to hatch, Mrs. Thompson arranged for one of the other teachers to bring her chicks down so that the kids could see and play with them.  We spread newspaper out all over the floor and just set the chicks down and let them run around.  The kids loved it!  I'm not so sure if the chicks loved it or not but it definitely was something for the kids to enjoy.  Thank you Mrs. Thompson for going that extra step to do something to make it up to your class since their eggs didn't hatch!

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