Saturday, January 29, 2011

H&HS Ice Skating

Dave's squadron, H&HS, had a unit ice skating party in Wilmington tonight.  Dave skated as a kid so it was like riding a bike for him.  It was the first time for Grace and Zachary to be on ice skates and Grace loved it.  Zachary on the other hand, did not.  He went around the rink once, maybe twice, and was ready for the skates to come off.  I wasn't even going to try.  I'm not sure that I've ever been ice skating.  I might have gone ONCE in middle school but can't even remember for sure.  But everyone seemed to be having such a good time that I wanted to give it a try too and it was fun!  I didn't do anything fancy, but I was able to go around the rink without falling which was huge for me.  Grace is already asking when we can do it again!

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