Saturday, January 15, 2011


On our first full day at Disney, we went to my favorite park, Epcot!  We started off in future world riding Test Track, Soarin then on to The Seas where we rode the Nemo ride, went to Turtle Talk with Crush and walked around the aquarium.  Turtle Talk with Crush was great and everyone loved it!  It was fun for us too because it was a different show than what we have seen in the past.  

Now it was time for the best part....The World Showcase.   We wanted to go from country to country and sample all of the food but we just ran out of time!  We did have some fish-n-chips in England, some pastries in France, and a DELICIOUS dinner at the San Angel Inn in Mexico.  One day I want to go to Epcot and not even stop in Future World.  I want to go straight to the World Showcase and walk from country to country, eating and drinking and browsing in their shops.  I want to sample something from every country.  Maybe we can do that this fall at the Food & Wine Festival.  Gia, are you guys up for it?

And we got to see LOTS of characters.  We walked up to one area where we got to see characters just one after another.  It was great!

This guy was a pilot.  I had to get my picture made with him!

We spent a good bit of time in England eating, browsing in the shops and listening to "The Beatles".

Notice the bear that has popped up behind their heads.  That would be Zachary the Stitch!


Dinner at San Angel Inn in Mexico.  It was delicious!

Gia's birthday is February 6th so we celebrated her birthday while we were at Disney at almost every dinner reservation!

By the time we got back to the bus stop, we were exhausted!  There was a wheel chair just sitting there so I took advantage of it and had a seat!

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Giaellis2 said...

You are on a blogging roll! Makes me want (need) to be as well! Love these pics and reliving some of the great memories and LOL at some I forgot about! We totaly want to go back and just do world showcase! How fun would that be??!!!!