Friday, January 14, 2011

Disney World, Here We Come!

We hit the road bright and early this morning but not before stopping and filling up at Ihop.  We thought we would eat a big breakfast and then not have to stop to eat until we got to Disney World and the plan worked although I think all the kids snacked the entire way.
The trip down was made without a hitch however, things didn't go quite so smoothly when we got to our resort, Saratoga Springs.  We have always had a great experience but of course since it was the Ellis' first time to Disney, something was bound to go wrong.  It became known as 'the Ellis Curse'.  

We checked in and went to our rooms.  We had requested rooms next to each other but when we got to our building, our room was on one side and theirs was at the complete opposite end.  That didn't make us very happy but then we walked in to ours.  Immediately, I sensed something was not right and then we looked around and realized that it had not been cleaned.  It looked as if someone started to clean it but they definitely did not get finished.  I immediately called the front desk but then Dave took over and used his stern military voice.  It was a pain, but we switched buildings and had rooms close to each other and clean ones at that!  Plus we got a few fast passes for both families to use whenever and wherever we wanted.
After finally getting settled into our new clean rooms, we freshened up a bit and took the ferry to Downtown Disney where we had dinner reservations at Raglan Road.  The food was delicious as always, the cider fantastic and the music and entertainment very enjoyable.  Everyone loved it!

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Giaellis2 said...

LOVE it! LOVE the pic of me and you! May replace my FAV from the one in your lvrm :)I love how Dave has his hand placed on his hip like the dancers did (I think he secretly wishes he could do an Irish jig! Maybe THAT will be his Disney job upon retirement? LOL)