Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas with the Ellis'

Ava and Ethan were already home from school by the time we got back to their house from the Home Makeover site and the kids were all so excited to see each other! They immediately wanted to exchange Christmas presents and Grace and Ava went first.  

They tore into the wrapping paper and discovered that they had each gotten the other one a Zooble.  Next up were Zachary and Ethan.

They were very excited to see that they both got Halo action figures!  

Gia and I went next and there is a funny story behind my present from her.   When we were at her house over Thanksgiving, she showed me all her cards that she had recently made and some of the new things that she had used.  One was an embossing machine.  One day I was at Michael's and talked to an employee there about the different embosser's and she told me about one that was small, portable, and shaped like a purse.  I found it on for what I thought was a really good price.  While I was online looking at them, it sold out but I was able to order it for that price and it would ship when they got more in.  I forwarded the link to Gia and asked her if she had seen this cute little embosser and that I had just ordered it.  She sent me back a one line email that said, "I hate you!".  I thought "uh oh".  So, I replied back to her and asked her if I had messed something up and that it had not shipped yet and should I cancel it?  She said only, "yes, please."  So, at that point I pretty much knew what she had gotten me for Christmas.  She was so mad at me!  She wanted to surprise me with this cute little embosser that was shaped like a purse.  With my love of purses, she thought it would just be perfect for me and it was!  I was so excited to get it and can't wait to use it.  Thank you Gia!  I LOVE IT!!!!!

This was her LONG over due photo book that I was supposed to have given her as a going away gift.  She didn't think she would ever get it since it had been so long so she was pleasantly surprised when she opened it.
And she was VERY excited to get her Retro Metro bag with the big hot pink G that she told me months ago that she wanted.  She wanted me to get Jason to get it for her but I decided to give it to her myself.  And then there was Dave and Jason.  Gia and I took it upon ourselves and decided that they were going to exchange presents and they were going to give each other lounge pants.  It was pretty funny to see them both opening their presents and both pulling out lounge pants.  Then they realized we planned it.  

And last but not least was a little something that we gave to both of them.  When we were there for Thanksgiving, it was a big joke that they didn't have any coffee mugs.  They had the cups that go with their china but they aren't big enough for a good cup of coffee.  And she had maybe a couple of more but at times, Dave actually pulled out these big soup mugs to drink his coffee out of.  He told her we were going to buy them some coffee mugs but I don't think they believed us until they opened their last present.  We gave them a set of 6 mugs with a big "E" on each one.  Now we will have something to drink our coffee out of when we go to visit.

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Giaellis2 said...

LOL! Just the other day Ethan asked for his "Ethan mug" with milk. I said "What Ethan mug?" He pointed to the ones you bought us! LOL He thought they were all for Ethan? WHATTTTTTTTT???????? I LOVE my much anticipated photo album and you did a WONDERFUL job malking it, it was worth the wait for sure :) I also LOVE my Retro Metro bag and use it all the time and get lots of compliments on it too ;) Thank you so much for everything! That was a fun night! Next time, don't ruin my gift to you though, jerk!!!!!!!!!! ;)