Saturday, January 29, 2011

H&HS Ice Skating

Dave's squadron, H&HS, had a unit ice skating party in Wilmington tonight.  Dave skated as a kid so it was like riding a bike for him.  It was the first time for Grace and Zachary to be on ice skates and Grace loved it.  Zachary on the other hand, did not.  He went around the rink once, maybe twice, and was ready for the skates to come off.  I wasn't even going to try.  I'm not sure that I've ever been ice skating.  I might have gone ONCE in middle school but can't even remember for sure.  But everyone seemed to be having such a good time that I wanted to give it a try too and it was fun!  I didn't do anything fancy, but I was able to go around the rink without falling which was huge for me.  Grace is already asking when we can do it again!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Zach's Field Trip to MCAS New River

Everyone from the Dolphin Team went on a field trip today to MCAS New River.  They've been studying the weather in school so they went to the New River METOC to  learn more about the weather and see some of the equipments they use.  They also got to see and get in a MV-22 Osprey and go to a flight simulator.  It was a great day for a bunch of 1st and 2nd graders!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Catching Up

I'm so far behind in my blogging with the holidays and our Disney vacation.  I spent a little time today catching up and  knocked out about 5 blog posts.  I also stumbled across this Monday Blog Hop that I decided to check out.

Now the kids are home from school so it's going to be getting snacks, helping with homework, etc....and then tonight I'm looking forward to a Thirty-One Gifts meeting.  Hopefully, I will be able to knock out a few more blog posts later tonight and be caught up by the end of this week.  We shall see.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodbye Ellis', Goodbye Saratoga Springs, Goodbye Disney!

Sadly, this awesome trip has come to an end.  This morning we all went to the Artist Palette at Saratoga Springs and had one final breakfast together before saying our goodbyes and heading home.  

This was such an amazing and fun trip!  Having friends for both Dave and me and having friends the same age as Grace and Zachary made this one of our most enjoyable Disney trips ever!  Thank you Gia, Jason, Ava and Ethan for joining us at The Happiest Place on Earth!  We'll definitely have to do it again.  Till next time......

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Today was our last day at Disney World (insert sad face) but definitely not the least!  We headed to Disney Hollywood Studios where we had a GREAT day!  First things first.....Tower of Terror!  Zachary had ridden this ride once before and it scared him to death.  Grace had never ridden it but we told her that she had to ride whatever Ava wanted to ride and Ava definitely wanted to ride the Tower of Terror. It was AWESOME and EVERYONE loved it!  

We also saw the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Show and Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show which again, everyone loved! 

For whatever reason, Grace and Zachary always get their faces painted at Hollywood Studios and this time was no exception.  

Ethan and Zach both chose Darth Maul - they scared people all day long!

The parade at Hollywood Studios was a new one that we had never seen before called Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun and we had front row seats to see it all!

Check out the sock on his back.  Love the little details!

Another little detail - the tennis balls on his cane.  Love it!

Grace was excited to get to see Lotso, the bear from Toy Story 3.   That was the only character that she actually wanted to hunt down and stand in line to see so we did.

The new Toy Story Mania ride is such a fun ride and their is ALWAYS a huge long wait.  It's hard to even get a fast pass for this ride because they all go first thing in the morning.  So, lucky for us we had saved our fast passes from our bad check-in experience to use here at Hollywood Studios.  We knew that we would need it for Toy Story Mania.

And last but most definitely not least, was the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith.  We knew it was going to be close for Zach whether he would meet the height requirement or not.  I thought he just met it but the cast member said he didn't and Ethan definitely didn't.  So, we split up and all the girls rode it first and then Grace and Ava rode it again with Dave and Jason.  It was definitely a favorite for everyone so we wanted to use our last fast pass on it.  The girls went first again and while we were on the ride, Dave and Jason had the brilliant idea of stuffing Zach's and Ethan's shoes with Dave's and Jason's socks to make them taller.  We were a little nervous whether it would work or not but it did!  They went through without a hitch and the boys were so excited and thought the ride was AWESOME! A little later everyone wanted to ride it again.  By this time, they boys had given back the socks and thought they would be able to ride it again with no problem.  It was the same cast member standing at the entrance after all.  Zach went right on thru with Dave, followed by me, Grace, Ava and Gia.  Jason and Ethan were bringing up the tail end and they stopped Ethan to check his height and of course, he was too short and they wouldn't let him through.  We all felt so bad for him and he was so mad that Zach was getting to ride it again and he wasn't!  It is an awesome though.  And now that Steven Tyler is on American Idol, Grace knows who he is!

We ended the night with a yummy dinner of Fried Chicken and the fixins' at Prime Time Cafe and we had a great waitress!  She wasn't mean to us like they sometimes are but she definitely played a character and made the meal so much fun.  

What a great way to end a great Disney trip with great friends!