Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas...A Day Late

We went to bed last night with the anticipation of waking up to snow this morning.  So imagine our excitement when we woke up and saw those big white flakes falling so beautifully from the sky!  The kids couldn't wait to get bundled up and get out in it and start playing.  Dave and I enjoyed watching them from the front door, still in our PJ's and drinking our coffee.  But they eventually wore us down and we got out there with them and one major snowball fight took place!
Check out Grace's snowball in mid-air!
Does he look mischievous or what?

What little boys do...
Dave raring back to throw a snowball at Grace...
and it's launched!
Check out the look on both of their faces....
Grace did have a hat on before this picture was taken.  The snowball that Dave threw knocked it right off her head!  Hilarious!
Check out the hat on the ground.
And now she's out for revenge!
It was a great day of playing in the snow, snowball fights and hot chocolate by the fire!

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