Saturday, December 4, 2010

Grace's Birthday Celebration at Mi Cabana

Today our sweet little baby girl turned 9 years old!  I'm amazed every year how quickly time goes by.  I still remember holding her when she was teeny tiny and now when I hold her, her long legs dangle and almost touch the floor.  How do they grow so fast?

Grace chose to celebrate her birthday in Wilmington with her good friend, Madisyn, at Sweet & Sassy and The Melting Pot and we are going there tomorrow but since tonight is her actual birthday, we let her choose where to eat dinner.  And Mi Cabana it was!  I think she wanted to go there to get their fried ice cream and whip cream in the face like Zachary did on his birthday but they didn't do it!  I don't know if it was because she was a girl or not.  They came out and sang to her and brought her the fried ice cream but no surprise whip cream to the face.  Afterwards, she said she was actually glad that they didn't do it.  I told her that they thought she looked to pretty to put whip cream all over her.

While we were waiting on our food, she opened a couple of her presents and loved the art set she got from Aunt Kerry, Uncle Mark and her cousins, Allie and Hannah.

Happy Birthday Grace!

When we got home, she opened a few more presents and even Zachary got one from Nana and Paw.  She loved everything she got!  Thank you everyone! 
The kids LOVE money.  They aren't dumb.  Doesn't matter if it is just $1, they love it!

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