Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parris Island

We thought we would leave right after lunch today to head back home but Jason showed us around the base.  We all wanted to see an alligator and he knew there were some at the golf course.  As a matter of fact, he and Dave had seen a pretty big one on Thursday so we went to see if we could find him again.  We didn't but we did see this little one.  We got pretty close to it and it must have been asleep or something because it didn't move a muscle.
Dave, Jason and the kids stayed in the car and they were all watching us to see if it was going to move.
Dave seeing if he could still get up these ropes and he most definitely could!
I loved watching all of the recruits being drilled by the drill instructors.  I don't know why I found it so interesting but I did.  I told Gia if I lived there, I would come out and sit on the bleachers with a book and just watch them and read.  It was just fascinating to me.  I think she thought I was weird when I told her that.
This is Sgt Franklin, also known as the Soul Taker.  Jason has told us some great stories about the Soul Taker.
I was amazed at how young the recruits looked. Don't they look like babies?
Grace and Zach watching the recruits.
Marching with the recruits
I just had to take this picture of this drill instructor with his recruits.  Look how short he is!
Zachary, Ethan and Ava
Inside the squad bays where the recruits live
These recruits were getting a little incentive training known as ITing.  
United States Marine Corps Drill Instructor Creed Monument
Monument In Memory of the Men of Parris Island Who Gave their Lives in The World War
Molly Marine
Dedicated to the Women who have Worn the Eagle Globe and Anchor
We had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  Thanks Gia and Jason for a fabulous weekend and for showing us around Parris Island.

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Giaellis2 said...

No thank you for coming! For the Ham, unbelievably delicious sweet potatoes that I tried to recreate at Xmas, for all the wine, etc. It was a blast! Btw, that alligator was a prop, the statue before Molly marine is called Iron Mike and I thought you were crazy wayyyyyyyy before your weird recruit fascination you cougar! Lol Lylas!!!!