Sunday, November 21, 2010

H&HS Birthday Ball

The H&HS Marine Corps Ball was tonight in Wilmington, NC at the Hilton Riverside.  My friend, Stacy, kept the kids for us so Dave and I could spend the night and not have to worry about getting home.  Thanks Stacy!

We had an awesome room which was actually more like a small apartment and this was our view from our balcony.   The USS North Carolina was moored right across the river from our hotel.  Is that not cool or what?

On our way to the ball, we passed by this monument honoring men and women 
who served in the armed forces.

Kathy Wise and Jill
The ceremony begins

Dave walking in with the Sergeant Major
Dave saluting LtCol Wise and the Guest of Honor, retired SgtMaj Richard A Hawkins

At the end of the ceremony was a Historical Pageant.  It was awesome!  Marines came in dressed in  different uniforms from throughout the years.  Then at the very end, marines came in with guns and then staged the Iwo Jima Flag Raising.  It was awesome and gave me goosebumps!

Jill and Diania Alfonso

LtCol Wise and SgtMaj Hawkins with the beautiful gift that presented to him during the ceremony.
Dave and Jill
Kathy and Eric Wise
Mike and Jennifer Magee
Diane Hewlett and Jill
Dave and SgtMaj Crawford
Kathy, Jill and Diania

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