Sunday, November 14, 2010

40 is the New 30!

Awhile back, Gia came up with the idea of me having a 40th birthday party.  She envisioned hot pink and black decorations, food catered by Marrakesh, Blue Moon and of course, all my BEST friends.  She contacted Dave and they talked back and forth about it.  It wasn't being planned as a surprise party but yet they weren't really consulting me either.  Finally somehow the cat got out of the bed and they clued me in.  I loved the idea except that I thought it should also be for Dave since he just turned 40 in October.  So the planning commenced!

November is a busy time of year and with all the Marine Corps Balls, it was hard to find a time that everyone could come and well, everyone was not able to come but we still had a blast!  Gia and Jason got in Friday night and we spent Saturday making a few last minute purchases, picking up the cake, blowing up balloons and decorating.  When all was said and done, the house looked great!  The living room ceiling was covered with black and hot pink balloons and a disco ball hung in the center, black and hot pink beads hung from the dining room chandelier, we had hats and sunglasses ready for the guys, headboppers for the girls,  the karaoke machine was set up and then our friends started arriving.  

Since Marrakesh is one of my new favorite restaurants, we did have them to cater it and I made arrangements with Sam for him to deliver it.  He came around 6:30 so that the food would be hot when we were ready to eat.  Of course EVERYTHING smelled and looked delicious!  

We had so much fun!  We ate, played games, danced, sang karaoke, danced some more and just had a FANTASTIC good time!  Who said 40 was old?  40 is DEFINITELY the new 30.  This was one of the best parties I've been to in a while even if I do say so myself.  

Thank you Gia for coming up with this awesome idea and a HUGE thank you to all our friends who made our 40th birthdays SUPER special!  
It was definitely THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

Gia surprised us with a corsage for me and boutonniere for Dave
Stacy thought it was really funny when she stuck Dave by accident.  Dave just thought it hurt!
Let's try this one more time...
Me with my light up head bopper and super BIG glasses!

Love my girls ~ Karen, Stacy and Gia!
Dave with his "pimp daddies" Mark and Jason.  Not pictured is Jon, who was not able to be there from the very beginning.  When he did show up, he saw what a great time he had been missing!
Jason and Gia
Isn't this cake awesome!?!
And of course, I had to have my picture made with Sam and Dave!
Susan and Jim arrived about the same time Sam was getting read to go.
Jill and Jamei
Jamei and Gia
Opening our presents and we got some great ones!  Thank you everyone!
Happy Birthday to us!

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