Friday, October 29, 2010


Tonight was the annual JPS/Bitz Trunk-or-Treat.  Zachary is going to be a marine this year and Grace is going to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, complete with Toto of course!  We all loaded up and headed over to the school parking lot which was packed with kids in costume!  We weren't able to stay the entire time because Grace had soccer practice but the kids had fun the short time we were there even if they did only get about 10 pieces of candy each.
Our little marine and Dorothy - aren't they cute?
Madisyn and Grace
Zach and Ian
Jill, Jamei and Stacy
Grace and Jason
The best decorated trunk was the Wizard of Oz.  Grace had to get her picture made with the Good Witch and little Dorothy...
and then of course, on the yellow brick road!

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Giaellis2 said...

SO CUTE! I miss Trunk or Treat! Seems like we were JUST there!