Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!

It's that time of year again.  Time for the kids to don their costumes, grab their candy buckets and traipse around the neighborhood trick-or-treating.  We went over to Jamei's house so that Grace and Zachary could trick-or-treat with Madisyn and Ian.  It is just more fun when you go with friends.  And off they went!  Dave, Jamei and I just trailed behind them while they went door to door filling their buckets.  When we got towards the end of St. Mary Drive, we heard that a General was giving out HUGE Hershey candy bars, so of course they wanted to go down there.  This was our 4th year trick-or-treating on Lejeune and if you can believe it, the first time that we've ever made it down to the Generals housing.  Zachary was getting very tired by this point but he wanted that HUGE Hershey candy bar too so he hung in there.  Once we got back to our house, Zachary and Ian were done but Madisyn and Grace wanted to keep going so I took them to a few more houses.  By this time the trick-or-treat hours were winding down and people gave them gobs of candy.  Their pumpkins were overflowing!  It was definitely a fun and successful night!
Our first stop was at Grace's piano teacher's house.  Marissa was dressed up as a pirate so of course I had to get a picture!
And finally, here are the pictures of our pumpkins that we carved last night.  Didn't they turn out good?
Happy Halloween!

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