Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mike's Farm

Dave's Mom, Beverly, is here visiting with us.  Usually she is here sometime during the Christmas holidays and it has become a tradition with her for us to go out to Mike's Farm and do the Christmas Lights Hayride and spend the day.  She has never been here at this time of year before but what better time to go out to Mike's Farm?  After all, it's the season of pumpkins, mums and hayrides.  We invited Jamei and her family (Frank is in Afghanistan and we can't wait for him to come home so we can meet him!) to go with us since they had never been so we all loaded up in two cars and headed out there this afternoon.  I was shocked when we got close.  Cars were parking along the main road outside of the farm and I had never seen so  many cars in the parking lot.  I thought it was busy at Christmas but I had never seen it like this!  We made our way in and were lucky enough to find not one but two parking spaces in the lot side by side.  The first thing we noticed was this VERY LONG line of people waiting for the hayride but according to the little lady who sold us our tickets, it was moving really fast.  We went ahead and put our name on the waiting list for dinner.  What's a trip to Mike's Farm if you aren't going to eat in their restaurant?  Their fried chicken is finger lickin' good!

Dave offered to stand in the hayride line holding our spot while we walked around and let the kids play and entertain themselves.  

They had a great time throwing hay all over each other.....
climbing on the tractor.....
and getting their faces painted and their hair colored!
Finally, it was our turn to go on the hayride.

Can you say "cheeeeeeese"?
All the kids wanted to find their own small pumpkins but all that were left in the pumpkin patch were BIG pumpkins but there were still some great ones to choose from.

We all found our perfect pumpkin and when we got back from the hayride and were waiting in line to weigh them, the kids saw a HUGE box that was filled with baby pumpkins exactly like they were looking for.  
Jamei and part of her family ~ Lizzy, Madysen and Ian

We ended the day with a delicious dinner of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, ham & biscuits, creamed corn, green beans and pumpkin delight for desert.  What a fun way to spend a fall Saturday afternoon/evening!

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