Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday Dave!

This post is dedicated to Dave who turns 40 years old today.  That's right - On October 17, 1970, David Herbert Williams came into this world.  From the pictures I have seen, he was an ADORABLE green-eyed baby with red hair.  He had a twinkle in his eye and as he got older, a very mischievous grin.  That  twinkle in his eye and his mischievous grin were just two of the things that attracted me to him when we met in August of 1994.

From stories that I've heard, he was always full of life and lived his life to the fullest, which he does to this day.  That mischievous little boy grew up and became a man.  He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1993 and became a pilot in the USMC.  That man became a wonderful husband and an amazing father.  With the Marine Corps he has travelled all over the world but he has ALWAYS put his family first.  

So, even though he turns 40 years old today, he is as young at heart today as he was the day I met him.  And he still looks darn good too!  

Happy 40th Birthday Dave!  I love you more today than the day we married.  Here's to growing old together!
Dave on his 29th birthday!
10 years ago today!
Friends and family, I would love to hear some of your stories about Dave that you hold dear so please leave a comment and tell me your stories!


Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday to Dave!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

A great photo biography. Sweet baby and handsome man. Many happy returns of the day to Dave!

Anonymous said...

OMG, where do I start?? First of all, Spidey, you are an old fart despite anything your wonderful and forgiving wife might say. Now, I do think it is fair to say that you have, as with a fine wine, improved with age. For starters, the comparison of your first and final Academy say nothing of the progression from the North Shore, Brass Monkey and keg standing stage that we somehow survived to a loving father and distinguished military man. So here's to you! Little Blanch

Anonymous said...

The first time you came to play with Rachel and Mark, you were 3 and had a fit when it was time to leave. So we just had to make you a part of our extended family. Just what you wanted, a bossy older sister and pesky younger brother! xxx fran