Saturday, October 9, 2010

Duplin Winery Tour

Today Jamei and I got up early and headed to the air station where we met up with some other H&HS spouses (and a few lucky husbands) and boarded a bus for the hour long drive to Rose Hill, NC to tour the Duplin Winery.  Now I love wine but I do not love muscadines or muscadine wine and the Duplin Winery is known as the world's premier Muscadine winery.  But who was I to turn down a trip to a winery?  And I'm glad I didn't!  It was such a cute little place, the staff, especially Ronnie, was super friendly (except for the short spikey haired lady who was our waitress in the Bistro), the tour was interesting, some of the wines weren't bad and it was just a fun time!

We started with lunch in The Bistro restaurant.  I think it is probably a good little restaurant but since we had a large group, they gave us a pre-selection of entrees to choose from and we had a waitress who did not want to be there that day.  She was not friendly, not a good waitress and was just down-right rude and we let them know about her too!

After lunch, we had a chance to browse in their shop for a few minutes before we went on the official tour of where they make the wine.  Ronnie, our tour guide, is just a good ole NC boy who is part of the Duplin Winery family and he did a great job giving the tour and made it very entertaining.  It's interesting how the Duplin Winery came to be.  If you want to read about it, go here.   

Once we completed the tour, we did the wine tasting and were able to try 12 different Duplin wines.  I didn't even realized they made that many and that was only some of their varieties.  I didn't like most of what we tasted, at least I wouldn't actually purchase them but there were a couple that weren't bad and maybe one that I actually liked.  Even still, it was still very enjoyable.  

We had a little bit of time to to spend in the shop after the tasting and everyone was able to purchase some of their favorite Duplin wines before getting back on the bus to make the trip back home.  

Thanks Lisa and H&HS for a fun and entertaining day!
Jill and Jamei
Kathy and Jill

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