Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome Home Jon!

My good friend, Stacy's husband Jon, came home from Afghanistan last week and they had a Welcome Home party for him today.  They went all out and rented a jumpy house for the kids, had a big tent with tables and chairs set up outside and of course, tons of food!  Jon grilled out burgers and hot dogs and chicken breasts and everyone brought a dish (or two) to share and drinks!
Stacy and Jon, the man of the hour
Karen, Jenny and Erin
Kristy and Big Timmy (there's a funny story behind the "Big Timmy" that I'll have to share sometime).
Oh my!
Erin showing Stacy some love!
Two of my favorite girls ~ Stacy and Erin!
The kids had a blast in the jumpy house!
And somehow it always comes back to Guitar Hero. What can we say? We're all a bunch of ROCK GODS!
Erin and Dave jammin' out!
Karen and Kristy evidently thought something was REALLY funny!
The beautiful (NOT!) cake that Stacy got for Jon at Sam's Club.  We were all joking that any one of us could have done a better job than that.  It was good though!
Erin and me
Grace got to spend time with her good friend Carly since they came in from Fayetteville for the party.  They had a blast and it was like Carly had not even moved.  

Welcome Home Jon and thanks for the great night with great friends!

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Giaellis2 said...

Great pics! I wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!!