Saturday, September 4, 2010

Old Friends - New Friends

We spent the day today enjoying what will probably be our last day at the O' Club pool since it closes the day after Labor Day.  I don't know why it closes so early; it's not like it starts getting cold around here anytime soon, but they don't ask me my advice, so...

Stacy and her kids were there as well and we all decided to hang out tonight and grill out.  We kept it simple with brats and hot dogs for the kids and I made some of my delicious brie.  The kids ran around and played while we just hung out in the kitchen.  I called Jamei, a neighbor who just moved in during the summer, to see if she wanted to come over because she had not met Stacy yet.  And even though she said she couldn't stay, Jamei ended up eating and hanging out with us all evening!  It's kind of funny how we met.  Jamei moved here from Paris Island which is where my friend Gia moved to.  Gia met Jamei and thought they would get along great only to find out that Jamei was moving here!  So she introduced us all on facebook and we all became facebook friends before Jamei even moved in.  Then when it came time for her to get a house, Gia gave me all the house numbers so I could drive around and see what was best.  And one of them just happened to be on the street right behind us!  And did I mention that Jamei has a son and daughter just a little older than Zach and Grace?  

Anyway, we had allot of fun just chilling out after a hot day at the pool.

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Stacy said...

Oy! I can't believe you put that picture up of me licking the shot, lol!! I hope my mother doesn't see this!!! ;)
But do I know how to bust a move or what?!