Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Our Time Now ~ OWC Welcome Aboard

The Camp Lejeune OWC had their annual Welcome Aboard today and since I am the Membership rep, I had to work the membership table.  The theme this year was It's Our Time Now so each table represented a different decade.  Membership was the 1950's which I was soooo happy about!  As soon as I saw the fabulous poster that Bridgette designed and saw Elvis on the poster, I knew that I could do something with it.  And lucky for me, my friend Karen had a poodle skirt and everything that went with it that she let me borrow.  Thanks Karen!  Stacy came over this morning and helped me 50's up my hair and she did a great job.  Thanks Stacy!  I got tons of compliments and it was a fun but tiring day.  All of the groups did a fantastic job decorating their tables and I hate that I didn't get pictures of all of them; I just didn't think about it at the time.  

We were supposed to have to go back tonight for the evening session but because Hurricane Earl is heading this way, they cancelled tonight's session to be on the safe side.  I'm kind of glad because my mouth hurts from smiling and it's tiring to have to be nice for that long!  


Goodnight moon said...

You looked so cute! I always wanted to wear a poodle skirt as a Halloween costume as a kid...and never got too:(

Ellis Family said...

You look ADORABLE! LOVE the flippy hair-do! You rocked it!