Friday, September 17, 2010

Girl's Night Out at Marrakesh with Gia!

Gia came into town this afternoon for the weekend.  We got tickets to go to the Lady Gaga concert on Sunday so we just decided to make a weekend of it.  Tonight we planned a Girl's Night Out dinner at Marrakesh so she could try to see as many people as possible.  Jenny, Karen, Brittni, Amber, Gia and myself all met at Marrakesh at 7 p.m.  Karen and I were the only ones who had eaten there so probably for the first 1/2 hour or so we just all laughed and talked and caught up with Gia; and Karen and I filled everyone in on how everything was so delicious and gave tips on what to order.  

We had an awesome little waitress named Michelle who ended up getting another name as the night wore on but I won't say what on here.  LOL.  Gia was in rare form though.  I think it was a combination of things ~ she hasn't made any close friends in Paris Island so getting back here and spending time with good friends allowed her to let loose and have fun and be herself.  

We ended up ordering a little bit of everything on the menu so everyone was able to sample a little of this and that.  And as usual... everything was delicious!  

Both owners were working tonight, Sam and his Dad, Adam, and once again, everyone (except for Brittni) thought that Sam was very handsome.  We ended up finding out a little background information -  Marrakesh is a family owned business.   They have been in this area since 2001 and are from Jerusalem. They have had other businesses and currently own Northwoods Tobacco Shop here in town.  They decided to open Marrakesh together since there is not any other restaurant like it in town and thank goodness they did!  They are also going to try and open one in Wilmington.

We all had a fantastic time!  We talked, reminisced and laughed almost to the point of tears.  We got to know almost all the staff by name and they will definitely remember us the next time we are there!
Jenny (also know as J-Bunny or Jenny Bunny), Gia and Karen (Kiki)

Gia and me!
Amber and Gia
I'm not sure what prompted Gia to get up and start dancing with who we call Lloyd.  Lloyd is a waiter at Marrakesh and was our waiter the last time we came in with a big group.  His name is not really Lloyd but that's how we refer to him because he reminds us so much of Lloyd on the show Entourage.
Gia and Adam ~ Adam is Sam's father and co-owner of Marrakesh.  There's a funny story behind this picture but it's one of those that you had to be there to appreciate.
Gia and Sam ~ Sam is Adam's son and also co-owner.  Why Gia was grabbing Sam's adam's apple, I do not know.
Everybody with our awesome little waitress Michelle!  
Jenny, me, Gia, Michelle, Amber, Brittni and Karen
Brittni and Gia ~ Brittni is a teacher at JPS and was Ava's teacher

Amber, Gia and me


Birdie said...

I love how many times you show a picture of Gia followed by, "I don't know why she's doing this"...:) Gia is such a saucy little firecracker, it cracks me up!!
Sorry I couldn't make it but it looks like you ladies had a blast!!

Ellis Family said...

OMG! I actually LOL when I read "I don't know why she's grabbing his adam's apple" WTC was that? Why was I? So random and weird! He's so cute I should've grabbed his booyt instead! Who grabs an adam's apple? Really? HA! That was such a FUN night! You're right, I needed to let loose after being here for 6 months and I just miss you all so much! I was just SO HAPPY that I couldn't control myself! :) Thanks for an awesome weekend girls!!!!!! MUAH! Missed ya Michelle, but glad we saw you at Casino Royale! ;)

Ellis Family said...

PS. Love the new phrase "What happens at Marrakesh stays at Marrakesh" LOL Gotta bring some Vegas with me where ever I go ya know! ;)