Saturday, September 18, 2010

Casino Royale

Tonight was the 2nd annual Casino Royale at the O'Club.  We didn't go last year but heard it was allot of fun so we decided to go this year.  Dave went all out and rented a tux and looked so handsome!  And of course, he loved walking in with a lady on each arm!

We were all given $10,000 worth of fake chips to play with but it was so hot in the gaming room that we could hardly stay in there.  And considering that neither Gia nor I really knew how to play any of the games and thought it was kind of pointless since you didn't win anything anyway, we just walked around and talked and sipped on champagne and socialized.  Dave did play in a poker tournament and I think he used all our chips but even he was not very motivated but still had fun.  Our dinner reservations were for 7:45 and the food was actually delicious!

My good friend, Heather Miller.  Heather moved away a year ago and just moved back this summer so it was so much fun to catch up with her!
Heather, Gia and Joey

When Dave, Gia and I first walked in we saw a sign for Northwoods Tobacco Shop.  Dave wanted to get a cigar so we headed in that direction.  About the same time that I said "oh, Northwoods Tobacco Shop - that is the place that Sam from Marrakesh owns", people moved out from the table and we all saw Sam at the same time.  Even Dave's face turned red from embarrassment and he wasn't even at dinner with us last night!  Sam saw us about the same time and we all said hello.  Dave told him that he heard he wasn't going to be able to bring his family to Marrakesh for dinner again and Sam told him not to worry, that "what happens in Marrakesh, stays in Marrakesh" and we all had a good laugh about that!

Some of the most entertaining moments of the night were watching all the "old" people sing karaoke and try to dance.  It was most entertaining.


Ellis Family said...

This was a blast even if gambling with fake money is lame! I love that Dave was our James Bond and we were his........"Honey" and "Galore" hee hee hee Thanks for a super fun weekend Jilly Bean! I miss and love ya lots! xoxoxoxoxo PS. Every time I put on chapstick now I think of you! LMAO!

Heather said...

Had a great time catching up with you! Great to meet Gia ... you two are a pair!! Now I know why you two were giggling so much by the cigar guy!! =)