Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zach Loses His First Tooth!

Zach has had several loose teeth for awhile now.  We thought that he actually might lose a couple of them while we were in Cancun but it wasn't meant to be.  Over the last few days, they have gotten really loose and  his top front one was basically just hanging.  He would wiggle and wiggle it but it wouldn't come out.  Then he wanted me to try and pull it and I tried but every time I would start, he would start to cry.  I didn't know if I was really hurting him or not.  Then Dave tried and he ended up really crying so we just called it quits that night.  We never had to do any of this with Grace.  She got a loose tooth and would wiggle it and pull it.  Half the time I wouldn't know about it until she had already pulled it out.
Then today when he came home from school, it was REALLY REALLY loose.  We had to go to speech therapy and run a few errands and I told him to wiggle and try to pull it all the way to speech.
He tried....
and tried...but nothing happened.

After speech we went to Target and of course he was playing with it the entire time.  He showed it to me and he could basically twist it all the way around.  It literally was just hanging.  I told him to pull it but he was embarrassed to do it in the store and wanted to go to the bathroom.  He barely had to touch it and it just fell out.  Check out the look of surprise on his face!
And tonight he was ready for his first visit from the tooth fairy!

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That One Girl said...

Congrats Zach!!
I remember when Jillian was getting ready to lose her tooth. She HATES pulling her teeth! It's like you're asking her to do the unthinkable! Her tooth had been loose for about 6-8 months (that's right.. MONTHS) before I finally got her to pull her two front teeth. Austin is just like Grace. He once used a spoon to get a loose tooth out. *sigh*
I could have sworn I seen you guys out by Bed, Bath, & Beyond a little while back. I was going to stop and say something, but, I decided that an encounter with a lurking blog reader might not be the best idea! ;-)