Friday, August 6, 2010

We spent the morning going over to another Royal Resort to have a breakfast and take a look around because it had been recently remodeled.
Waiting for the van to take us...
Being silly while we are waiting...

When we got back, the waves didn't look as rough as they had been being so we decided to make today a beach day.  I'm not much of an ocean or waves kinda girl so Dave took the kids in to play in the waves.  Grace loved it!  Zach, well not so much once again.  As you can see below, he ended up crying pretty hard because he hated the salt water getting into his eyes.  He hung out on the beach with me while Grace and Dave played in the water.
And then of course we had to get some refreshing drinks for everyone at the beach bar...
Once they got tired of the beach, we washed all the sand off and headed to the pool where it seemed like Dave spent hours taking turns throwing each of them into the air.  They had a blast!

Tonight we walked across the street to Captain's Cove Steak and Seafood Grill.  And I don't have much more to say about it.  Oh!  We did get to see Pancho the crocodile that evidently hangs out in the lagoon right by their restaurant.  I wonder why he stays there all the time?  Oh, that's right....they feed him!  So, of course he hangs out there.  No, seriously, we ate here years ago and it was delicious.  Tonight we were very disappointed.  The service was horrible, the waiter was arrogant and rude and the food was mediocre.  I think mine had actually been microwaved because some places were cool and some were hot.  We were drinking diet coke (which was flat) and when we asked for a refill, our waiter never told us that they didn't give refills.  When we got the bill we had been charged $3 USD for EACH FLAT DIET COKE that we had!  I don't mind paying allot of money for a meal that when you walk out you say "Wow!  That was fabulous!"  But I hate to pay allot of money for a meal and the whole experience be terrible.  The only good thing about tonight was that the kids got to see the crocodile.  So, would I recommend the Captain's Cove Steak and Seafood Grill in Cancun?  No, definitely not.

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