Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today was another incredible day in Cancun and a great way to end our trip!  Rebecca, Dave, Grace, Zachary and I took a cab down to La Isla Shopping Village.  Rebecca treated us to a delicious lunch at Chocolate City where the highlight of course was the HUGE chocolate fountain we had for dessert!  Thanks Rebecca!
After lunch we went to the Interactive Aquarium right there at La Isla.  The aquarium portion was small but we all still really enjoyed it.  But the highlight of the day was swimming with the dolphins.  Dave and the kids did an educational swim with the dolphins where they were able to get in the water with the dolphins, learn about them, feel them, get a kiss from them, splash them, get splashed by them and get them to do tricks.  It was amazing to watch and I'm sure even more amazing to have done it.  They were on cloud 9 when it was over and couldn't stop talking about it.  

Afterwards, we shopped around for a bit before heading back to the aquarium for an incredible dolphin show.  It was fantastic!  
For dinner we went to Elefanta Indian Restaurant which was an experience in itself.  The ambiance was unlike any restaurant I had ever been to.  It felt like you might actually be in India and didn't feel like a restaurant at all.  We walked through a jungle of greenery to get to our table right on the water where we watched the most gorgeous sunset and dined on delicious Indian food.
After dinner, Rebecca treated Grace to a hair wrap.  She picked her own colors and they were a little crazy but ended up being cute and she loved it!
Oh, we also got tattoos while we were there.  Dave got a tribal band on his arm and I got "happiness" written in Chinese on the inside of my right ankle.  Pretty cool huh?
...don't worry Mom and Dad ~ they are fake.   
We got airbrushed tattoos that will wash off in about two weeks.  LOL!  Bet you freaked out there for a minute didn't you?

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Ellis Family said...

OMG! How awesome! Ava would LOVE LOVE LOVE to swim with the dolphins! Your pics are always FAB!!!!!!!!!!!