Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Relaxing Day at the Pool and Good Food

Today was spent at the pool, having a yummy lunch of nachos and Yucatan Tacos at La Palapa and then back to the pool.  Tonight Rebecca joined us for dinner at the Hacienda Sisal.  We had the best guacamole that we've ever had and it was made fresh right at our table.  Everything was delicious from the margaritas to the fried ice cream and churros and everything in between.  Superb service as well.  

Guacamole being made right at our table
Dave sipping his BIG margarita
Rebecca and Dave (holding some peppers to add to his guacamole - he likes it SPICY!)
One of the best parts of this evening (other than the fabulous food of course!), was the mariachi band that was playing.  They came to our table and played and serenaded both Grace and Zach with their huge sombreros.  The kids got a big laugh out of that!

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