Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's that time of year where the turtles come up on the beach to lay their eggs.  And last night we got to witness something incredible!  We saw a GINORMOUS female turtle come up on the beach to lay her eggs.  I saw her first and immediately went and got Dave and then we woke up the kids.  We watched her come up on the beach from our balcony and she kept going and going.  She ended up headed to the 2nd row of beach chairs and umbrellas and decided that is where she was going to lay her eggs.  The beach chairs were in her way so she just plowed through them and lifted them up on her back.  One of the security guards snuck up behind her and moved the chairs off of her back.  She started digging her hole and she dug and dug for what seemed like forever.  It was incredible to watch her.  Once she laid her eggs then we could see her move her flippers back and forth and the sand was flying and she was covering up her eggs.  Then the saddest thing happened.  It was heart wrenching to watch.  When it came time for her to go back to the ocean, she got distracted by the lights at the resort.  When we have been there in the past, all the lights at the beach have been turned off when it was time for the turtles to lay their eggs but for whatever reason, there were still lights on this night.  She started making her way toward the lights thinking it was the moon and it was the complete opposite direction of where she needed to go.  She ran into another row of beach chairs and then got turned around and headed back in the right direction to only run into another row of chairs.  You could tell she was so tired by this point and she was moving so slowly.  Instead of plowing through the chairs like she did earlier, she turned and was going parallel to the ocean and headed to the lights from the resort next door.  At this point she ran into  more chairs.  We couldn't believe what was happening and we felt so bad for her.  That is when Dave saved the day.  He went down to the beach and took off his shirt and covered up one of the lights that was distracting her.  He got another kid that was watching to take off his shirt and cover the other light.  It was only at this point that she figured out where she needed to be going and made her way back into the ocean.  The rest of our vacation and every time I tell this story, I refer to Dave as my "studly turtle saving hero".  Way to go Dave!
These are the tracks that she made last night...
The two chairs on the left are where she layed her eggs.
The rest of our day was spent at the pool again and then tonight we went to dinner.
Grace enjoying a virgin banana monkey

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