Saturday, August 28, 2010

Party at the Wise's

We went to Kathy and Eric's house in Wilmington tonight for a little party.  I think they were just planning on having a few people over and it got bigger and bigger and was lots of fun!  Thanks Kathy and Eric for having us over!
 April Kolb and me
I love this picture of Dave and me!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School!

Today is the BIG day... the first day of school.  I cannot believe that Grace is starting the 3rd grade and Zachary will be going into the 1st grade.  Where has the time gone?  They are going to give riding the bus a try again this year but on the first day, Dave and I both took them to school.
We took Zachary first and waited there with him for a few minutes, then I walked Grace over to Bitz while Dave stayed with Zach.
Zachary with his teacher, Mrs. Thompson ~ he's going to LOVE her!
Zach is at the back of the line walking into school.
Grace was both excited and nervous to be attending a new school this year.  She went to JPS for the past three years and will now go to Bitz Intermediate School which is 3rd - 5th grades.
Grace has three other kids in her class that were in her class last year - Emily, McKinley and Ziedler
Grace with her teacher, Mrs. RedfordZach and Jack had a great first day of school!  We waited at the red pole for Grace and Jason and Grace had a great day as well!  They both got in the car talking about how much they loved it and how awesome it was.  Oh, how I loved hearing that!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's a Mad Hatter's Tea Party

MCAS New River OSC had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party this afternoon at the O' Club.  It was beautifully decorated and everyone got into the theme and wore their hats...many different styles of hats.  It was a fun afternoon with good food, old friends and new friends!
Kathy Wise (our CO's wife) and me
Kim Giordano and me
Julie Murray and Kim
Elizabeth Beyer and April Kolb
The H&HS Girls ~ Kathy Wise, Diana Hewlitt, me and Diania Alfonso

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girl's Night Out at Marrakesh

As summer was starting to wind down and all of us girls were preparing for the kids to head back to school, Stacy thought it'd be a fantastic idea to get us all together and head out for a 'Girls Night Out'. One last 'hurrah' before we all got into the hustle and bustle of a new school year and the return of the 'busy'.

We decided to go eat at this new Mediterranean restaurant called Marrakesh.  Dave and I had already been there a few times and we love it!   Jacksonville was more than ready for something other than Chili's and Red Robin.  Stacy made arrangements with the owner to let him know that there would be about 12-15 of us showing up and to make ready! The girls were storming the joint!

Of course, about an hour before we left it started DOWN POURING!! Stacy picked me up and we made it there just as the rain started coming down in sheets. We were met there by our friends Jayme and Kristie and pretty soon, everyone else started trickling in. We filled up the tables and it took us all about an hour to actually look through the menu and decide what we wanted.

Stacy suggested that everyone needed to order something different so we could try a bit of everything.   And between all of us, we pretty much ordered one of everything - appetizers and entrees.
Kristy and Stacy
Stacy and Karen
Mylene, Tracy and Kim
Kristie, Jayme and Crista
Heather and Kristy
Stacy and me
Stacy, Karen and me
Stuffed Grape Leaves - Rice, Ground Beef, diced Tomatoes, chopped Parsley and onions mixed with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice, spices and cooked with fresh lemons and lemon juice and then rolled into a Grape Leaf.  
Baba Ganoush ~ in the traditional method, the eggplant is first roasted in an oven for approximately 30 minutes. The softened flesh is scooped out, squeezed to remove excess water, and is then pureed with the tahini. There are many variants of the recipe, especially the seasoning. Seasonings include garlic, lemon juice, ground cumin, salt, mint, and parsley. When served on a plate or bowl, it is traditional to drizzle the top with olive oil.[
Falafel...."Fried patties of Chick Peas mixed with spices and vegtables'. YUM!!!Feta Cheese - Served with Olives, Parsley, Olive Oil and Pita Bread.
Beef Shawarma
Lamb Chops
Kristy ordered the Lamb Chops, which by the way is what I'm getting the next time I'm there. SOOOOO GOOD!!! But little did she know that on the side of her chops, was a little paste of red evilness. She dipped a chop in that evil sauce and immediately wished her mouth was some place cooler. Like...Antarctica!
She quickly gets a drink of something to stop the insane burning inside her mouth...
But ALAS!!! That doesn't work. Instead she stuffs her face with a pita chip hoping that the bread will soak up the toxic burn which has now embedded itself inside her mouth.  All the while pointing to the sauce and telling everyone, "IT"S HOT!!!!"
Stacy looks over to Kristy and tells her to suck it up and stop being a baby. In fact, she think she's over reacting and tells her . (Clearly the sweat that is gleaming off her body doesn't convince us she's telling the truth!)

"Are you kidding me?! Do you KNOW what this is going to do to my intestines? "
She then rearranges her plate, making sure NOTHING touches the EVIL RED SAUCE.
We were all stuffed and couldn't eat another bite.  But being the nut cases we all are, when asked what we're celebrating everyone yells, "Stacy and Karen's birthday!" So they brought out some baklava which we all had a bite of  and Stacy and Karen had fun getting to blow out this pretty tea light.

I should also note, that during dinner we couldn't stop staring at the GORGEOUS chef (who also happens to be the owner, I do believe) in the kitchen preparing our meal. There were many times, a few of us would dissolve into fits of school girl giggles when anyone would mention something about him. So of course, being the obnoxious group we are, we ended up closing up the restaurant and harassed the staff to get a picture with us.
It was an awesome GNO! We mentioned trying to do one at least every month. Let's hope someone can pull something together for September! I can't wait to see the damage we can do somewhere else.

Zach Loses His First Tooth!

Zach has had several loose teeth for awhile now.  We thought that he actually might lose a couple of them while we were in Cancun but it wasn't meant to be.  Over the last few days, they have gotten really loose and  his top front one was basically just hanging.  He would wiggle and wiggle it but it wouldn't come out.  Then he wanted me to try and pull it and I tried but every time I would start, he would start to cry.  I didn't know if I was really hurting him or not.  Then Dave tried and he ended up really crying so we just called it quits that night.  We never had to do any of this with Grace.  She got a loose tooth and would wiggle it and pull it.  Half the time I wouldn't know about it until she had already pulled it out.
Then today when he came home from school, it was REALLY REALLY loose.  We had to go to speech therapy and run a few errands and I told him to wiggle and try to pull it all the way to speech.
He tried....
and tried...but nothing happened.

After speech we went to Target and of course he was playing with it the entire time.  He showed it to me and he could basically twist it all the way around.  It literally was just hanging.  I told him to pull it but he was embarrassed to do it in the store and wanted to go to the bathroom.  He barely had to touch it and it just fell out.  Check out the look of surprise on his face!
And tonight he was ready for his first visit from the tooth fairy!